About us

Who we are

Titus2Homes Inc's mission is to provide resources and a temporary transitional bridge for families suffering from hunger, homelessness, or lack of employment resources to....

We are an organization bridging the gap for youth and young adult women with children. Offering transitional support services from 6 – 18 months that will address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life; including but not limited to, mentoring/coaching, life skills training, job readiness, financial stewardship, relationships, and short and long-term goals, all while utilizing principles to impact and change the lives of those we serve.

What We Offer

Life Skills Enhancement to focus on:
  • Job Readiness
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Relationship Building
  • Education Resources
  • Leadership Training
  • Community Resources
Bridging the community gap with services such as donating groceries, toiletries and  clothing to those in need.

About the Founder

Dr. Machelle Foster

Also known as Dr. Mac, she is a “the builder of lives, life changer, and “catalyst” for many. She is passionate about equipping and preparing others to their next milestone through teaching, mentoring, coaching, spiritual counseling, and being the helping hand in the community. As an established Master Mentor/Coach, Dr. Mac has inspired and certified many to join in to help others “get their lives on track.”
    Her passion does not stop there, in 2009, Dr. Mac first launched Titus2Homes, Inc in Southern California with a mission to meet the needs of those suffering from domestic violence. Some years later, she and her family relocated to North Dallas, and as a result of the relocation, Dr. Mac relaunched an extension where she now resides. Shifting the mission and vision of the organization, Titus2HomesofTx, is an organization geared to bridge the gap for young adult women with children extending transitional support services from 6 – 24 months; where we address the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life; including but not limited to mentoring/coaching, life skills training, job readiness, financial stewardship, and leadership training.
   As a devoted wife, supportive mother of 3, and active grandmother of 3, even when life throws demand’s her way, Machelle aims her focus on family first!  When given the opportunity, Dr. Mac also travels across the globe “Training Those Up For A Better Tomorrow” by identifying and cultivating the gifts/talents of others. She offers coaching, training and events that will catapult you off the launch-pad and into destiny.